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Oil & Gas Industry

Our core abilities perfectly match the requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. The expertise and innovative nature of our technical departments allows us to work at the forefront of this technologically advanced industry.

With reliability and safety being of critical importance, the facilities at Harboro Rubber can help our customers rubber moulded products meet the industry needs imposed upon them. Prior to manufacture, each batch of rubber is checked for harness, density, rheological properties, dispersion and composition via thermal analysis (Rheology). All production is carried out utilising calibrated, controlled, fully maintained equipment which is regularly audited for health and safety purposes.

We have served many different Oil & Gas companies for a number of years providing mouldings to meet specific requirements of crucial equipment.

More recently, we attained a proven pedigree in the sub-sea pipe laying market with the provision of tensioner pads. These components have been developed for use in harsh environments laying pipelines to depths in excess of 2.3km for more than four seasons.

Prior to our involvement the pads were replaced annually with all the attendant costs. The product therefore had a fourfold increase in lifetime with significant overall savings. We currently supply bespoke versions to several internationally known companies within the subsea pipe lay industry and have expanded our facilities to meet this market’s need.

Value of Rubber in the Oil & Gas industry

The design and quality of a component is critical to the effectiveness in application. As such, we are trusted by our customers to ensure their component is as originally specified and fit for purpose. We are conscious that our selection of the right material, process and design is critical to your reputation both at the start of a project and throughout the life of the product.

In harsh environments faced by the Oil & Gas Industry, it is even more critical to ensure that properties such as weather, ozone resistance, gas permeability, fluid resistance, extremes of temperature and resilience are all optimized. Harboro has a wealth of experience in meeting and exceeding customers’ rubber moulding needs in various materials. This, coupled with a deep understanding of elastomer performance, enables Harboro to propose efficient solutions to design requirements, thereby optimising final product capability.

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