Cryogenic Deflashing Rubber Moulder

Cryogenic deflashing

Due to the extensive moulding techniques employed at Harboro some of the processes result in flash evidence around the periphery of the parts. Flash can often be acceptable but with small mouldings or those requiring near zero flash can be difficult to achieve ‘off tool’. Traditional manual methods although still employed at Harboro are not commercially viable on the larger scale, there is a need for mass deflashing, cryogenic deflashing is the answer.

Harboro invested more than £300,000 on equipping a ‘State of the art’ dedicated cryogenic deflashing cell. The selection and purchase of 3 cryogenic machines was made based on micro finishing of small delicate parts in our 8-litre machine in low volumes, up to high volume mass deflashing in our auto load / unload 60ltr machine. The 40Ltr machine being a perfect intermediate machine bridging the gap between the two.

To complement the fully programmable cryogenic process a 40ltr pressure wash and drying machine was introduced, providing an extremely modern and efficient approach to deflashing rubber mouldings.

The process parameters are determined and set during the ‘New product introduction process’ with support from our fully equipped laboratory. ‘In House’ low temperature testing of our compounds provides important and detailed changes of material state through temperature drop. Using this data, the process is programmed and fixed for the life of the product.

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