Rubber to metal bonding of overmoulded parts

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Harboro have the envious position of having a specialist sister company dedicated to ‘Substrate bond preparation’. The combination of Harboro’s specialist skills, experience, supported by the major manufacturers and suppliers of bonding agents, allows Harboro to provide a complete ‘Rubber to substrate bonding service’ for our customers.

Due to this capability no compromises are made, the compound formulation is created to match the product specific needs, support the bond application and moulding method. The marriage between the substrate, the bonding agent and elastomer is a strong and lasting one.

Harboro are providing a wide range of industries with rubber to substrate bonded parts. Substrates can range from Engineering plastics, Cast iron to Stainless steel. Quantities supplied range from special one-offs to millions of automatically coated and camera verified prepared inserts. We have the proven capability across a wide range of elastomers from Natural rubber, FKM, Silicone and most other synthetic elastomers. A great example of chemistry and automation working hand in hand.

Customers involved in the supply of Vehicle braking systems, Military connectors, F1 Seal filters, Automotive thermostat seals, Track pads have all benefitted from Harboro’s bespoke and complete service.

At the last count we have supplied around 30 million bonded components into the automotive industry, 6 deep – sea pipelaying vessels are fitted with Tensioner and Straightener Pads.

The selection of bonding agent and application method is critical to the long-term functionality of the product. The design from first concept needs to be considered where bond application is required. The environment in which the part performs must be clearly defined to prevent field failures and prolong life expectancy.

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