Custom O Ring Rubber Moulded Parts

Automatic Inspection

The application of automated camera inspection is commonplace within the rubber industry, there is however a very broad range of capabilities from simple plan view presence detection to high resolution fully automated 360-degree surface fault detection and measurement; Harboro have invested £250,000 in the latter.

This investment provides the opportunity to 100% inspect parts at ‘high resolution 360-degree’ fault checking and at a rate of up to 8 parts per second all this without ‘Blinking’.  The equipment is programmable and can be used on non-symmetrical parts, if the product has an inherent stability, it can be automatically inspected. Size may be a limiting factor, if however, the product volumes dictate that full camera inspection is required then investment based on knowledge and experience can be considered.

Semi-automated systems are also employed at Harboro supporting manual loading with plan view high resolution camera checking. A static O ring dimension scanning machine is in constant use providing an immediate response to our dedicated quality team to check and respond to any changes observed during SPC.

The investment made by Harboro has allowed our customers in many cases to enjoy zero defect supply. Reducing line downtime and costly issue management. Zero defect supply is a goal that we all share, supported with technology it is one that can be achieved.

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