Non Contact Measurement

Non-contact measurement

At Harboro Rubber we pride ourselves on giving the customer as much information on their product as possible. Supporting this activity we have the flexibility to create 3D printed jigs & fixtures. Whilst our non-contact measurement systems include, a Doss T3 system that can measure within a few seconds internal – external & cord dimensions of O-Rings.

Our manual & automated CMM’s get up close to accurately measure detailed features. With the Starrett AV450+ CNC CMM having a larger 450mm x 350mm mounted stage & its capability to use programmable devices such as non-contact probes – touch probes & a laser. This versatile CNC CMM can use its high magnifications (between 23-213 times) in conjunction with its edge recognition probes to provide measures on the finest of details. A host of other probes can be utilised to make measuring more accurate such as Auto focus – Furthest & Nearest points & Height probe.

The Touch probes can measure hard surfaces such as metal inserts – tools. While the Laser can be used to determine tool profiles and export the information to suitable file extensions such as a DXF file. The software also has the ability to view and measure against a loaded CAD file.

On request Capability Studies can be performed giving an analytical approach to the measurement data which in turn can be provided back to the customer.

For high volume parts we can use our Doss Automated camera systems that measures & detect defects giving a greater inspection rates & time reduction. View Automatic Inspection

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