Automotive Industry

The automotive industry requires absolute precision, fast response times and stringent quality standards. As part of the automotive supply chain, failure to support the customer is not an option. It is therefore crucial to attain a relationship with a supplier you can trust and that is reliable. Harboro’s many years of automotive experience and our central UK manufacturing facility make us the perfect partner.

The automotive industry has specific demands that require a full support structure to provide. To achieve this companies must work closely with their supply chain to utilise the expertise of the supplier, maximising component function whilst maintaining a cost benefit versus performance ratio.

As an established supplier of rubber moulded components within this sector there isn’t much Harboro hasn’t encountered previously. We work closely with designers and companies large and small to ensure that our experience provides the best opportunity to our customers.

Value of Rubber in the Automotive Industry

Within the overall market of automotive supply there are various demands placed on components manufactured in rubber compounds. These may be fully dynamic load bearing parts, seals with low or high temperature and fluid resistance requirements, through to static cabin based decorative items. Harboro has the technology and equipment to test the material to the ensure that it meets your exact specifications. This results in a rubber moulding that fully meets all industry needs.

Engineer Manufacture Partner

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