Technical Rubber Moulding Company

Materials laboratory

Harboro have well equipped laboratories with physical testing, mixing, and chemical analysis capabilities. Do you need to meet or create a specification, reduce costs, or improve quality and performance? We have the in-house knowledge to help. The following analysis techniques are available upon request.

  • Specific gravity
  • MDR rheometer
  • Mooney viscosity
  • RPA
  • TGA
  • FTIR
  • DSC
  • DMA
  • H-NMR
  • tensile properties
  • tear properties
  • modulus
  • resilience
  • coefficient of friction
  • abrasion
  • fatigue life
  • electrical resistivity
  • crosslink density
  • immersion properties
  • ICP Atomic absorption
  • TEM
  • total sulphur
  • chromatography
  • weathering properties
  • hardness (Shore A and IRHD, standard and micro)

The data is reviewed by our trained chemists, to aid characterisation of material or product samples. Once the product is transferred to the manufacturing area, any combination of analysis techniques can be employed for quality assurance purposes and to achieve repeatability. Examples of our recent development successes are high temperature and high tear resistant brake components, CBRN gas diffusion resistant membranes, abrasion resistant rubber-to-metal bonded pipe laying pads, flame resistant fire-fighting equipment, and a low cost polymer replacement for existing fuel filter seals.

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