Rubber and Silicone injection moulding companies

Senior Leader

Our longevity is only the start of our credentials.

Trading for well over 100 years, our prudent management and a long-term-view have shaped our strategic decisions. Strong financial reserves and a team with hundreds of years of rubber technology and industry sector knowledge places Harboro as a very capable, stable and robust business partner.

Longevity – Many customers have placed their trust in Harboro, its capabilities and values for decades.

Resources – Our management teams are highly trained and qualified in their fields. Investments in specialist rubber and silicone processing machinery are regular with £2.5M invested in the last 5 years.

Partnership – We are happy to discuss stock agreements for volume product sales.

Meet Face-to-face – We welcome visits to our facility or can come to meet you at your own offices as required. Additionally, much can be achieved in an early discussion using our Zoom Call booking option

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