ISO14001 Injection Rubber Mouldings


We have a long-term strategic plan to reduce waste and minimise energy consumption throughout our manufacturing process. This work ensures we are continually reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the environment.

With this in mind we implemented a strict environmental management system. Allied to an ongoing training philosophy and with the assistance of our employees, Harboro gained accreditation to the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO14001, in April 2012.

Harboro Rubber Company has for a long time had a philosophy of recycling. Over time this has been improved to employ a better waste strategy. With consultation and implementation by our workforce we have six of our waste streams recycled. Harboro Rubber strives to reduce waste to landfill and seeks to identify initiatives and changes to our working practices to make further progress in this important aspect.

The carbon footprint of the company is an ongoing focus and reductions have been achieved by the installation of a monitored heating management system and through weekly analysis of our electricity consumption. 

We pledge to continue to set new objectives and targets to further reduce our impact on the environment and remain committed to an independent audit of our compliance to ISO14001.

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