Our Service

Our Professional Rubber Moulding Service

We are an engineering company who provide a bespoke rubber moulding service including procurement of inserts, material development and special packaging/despatch needs. Our technical expertise is comprised of; technical engineers, laboratory technicians, polymer technologists, chemists, metrology engineers and quality experts. At Harboro we utilise and invest in highly skilled and qualified employees in order to exceed customer expectations and to continue breaking the elastomeric technological boundaries. As a company at the forefront of the industry we are continually investing in our facilities and machinery in order to expand and enhance our capabilities

The staff  at Harboro are always available to contact directly. We do not use automated call systems because we understand how important it is to speak to a member of the team. A dedicated Customer Services Administrator will be appointed to your account. We can then understand your needs and particular requirements. As a result of this your experience with us will be both efficient and effective.

The Harboro Rubber Company Experience

Our supply performance record is outstanding, leaving you free to concentrate on your business:

  • 98.5% of customers felt valued
  • 85% of our customers providing regular independent feedback on our performance rate us as Excellent/Good

If for any reason we do have a problem you will be promptly notified, immediate action will be taken and a correction plan agreed with you. We will always act in an open and honest manner, meaning you are aware of what is happening and are in full control.