Innovative Approach

Our Innovative Approach


The broad industrial involvement we achieve gives our engineers extensive experience in solving diverse problems across a range of requirements and materials. This proves invaluable when helping customer’s to meet the functional requirement of rubber moulded parts they are developing.  You may be trying to solve a sealing or fitting problem on your particular product, our team of engineers may already have experience working to help resolve similar problems in other applications, products or industry  sectors.  We work in cross disciplined teams to bring the best ideas together to gain the maximum advantage for customers. Our focus is on delivering solutions that are cost effective, manufactured to a high standard and trouble free in operation. The design of the manufacturing process, is therefore, as important as the design of the rubber moulding itself.

Laboratory Facilities

Our fully equipped laboratory routinely tests and monitors parts to ensure that the parts we supply are consistent with the originally approved parts. We believe that these facilities put us at the forefront of rubber moulding manufacturers. 

We are able to provide a full testing facility to BS, DIN and ASTM standards. We routinely perform rheometry testing of material.  We can also test for hardness, heat ageing and contaminants.  Our extensive facilities make it possible for us to develop rubber materials that will continue to meet the exacting environmental challenges within today’s fast paced industry. 

Working in Partnership

In today’s fast changing markets, companies need a competitive edge more than ever in order to thrive. The key to success lies in Harboro Rubber assisting customers to bring well-designed, highly reliable products to the market more quickly than the competition. To achieve this, companies must work closely with their suppliers, drawing on their expertise to achieve the most cost-effective, easily manufactured designs. They must make use of the most up-to-date technology. They need advice on the most suitable materials, on maximising component functions to get the best cost/performance ratio and on building in quality to achieve reliable, low cost manufacture. They must have support to prototype and test designs and get finished parts into production as quickly as possible.

At Harboro, we understand this exceptionally well and our main aim is to support our clients to achieve this within their business. Our success is measured against the solutions we deliver to our clients.

But this is only the start of the ongoing relationship we hope to achieve with all of our clients. Right from the start of a project’s life, we review all manufacturing data to seek areas where costs can be reduced, production simplified and quality and reliability increased.

This process continues throughout the life of the rubber moulding with regular reviews to improve processes and future designs. Small modifications can sometimes produce savings in both the manufacture of the component and on customers’ assembly lines.