6 Reasons to Talk to Harboro

If you require specialised rubber mouldings for your business, there is no doubt you need a specialist supplier. They should be established, competent, experienced and able to work with you to bring this value to your business.

Harboro Rubber occupies a unique place in the market and our experience shows. We’ve been engineering in rubber for more than a century and supply our products to large global customers, as well as many smaller businesses. All our customers rely on our expertise and expect us to deliver outstanding service. We’ve included some of their comments below so here are 6 good reasons why our customers benefit from trading with us. If you are interested in talking to us about your requirements, then get in touch.

1. Straight Talking

  • If there’s a more cost-effective solution, we will tell you
  • If your design can be improved, we will tell you how
  • If your material is not the best choice, we will tell you what to use and why
  • If it’s a product best supplied by a competitor, we will tell you
  • If lead-times look unrealistic, we will develop a timing plan that will work for all

2. Innovative

  • We love to work with customers to solve their rubber moulding problems using our extensive knowledge
  • We have the perspective of lots of industries to bring to yours (Automotive, Aerospace, Electrical, Electronic, General Engineering, Instruments & Optical, Oil & Gas, Marine, Trains & Transport)
  • We have 10 qualified engineers and rubber technologists to solve problems and develop solutions
  • We can develop purpose specific materials

3. Experienced

  • Because we manufacture, we know everything that can be done in rubber and provide a complete service from design support to production
  • We have a full range of manufacturing equipment suited for high volume automotive quantities through to small quantities of technical parts
  • We have a highly equipped laboratory and can analyse rubber to check that nothing has been changed and that it meets the specification
  • We have been established in the rubber moulding industry for 120 years.

4. Capable

  • 98.7% of our customers had zero quality issues with all parts we supplied last year
  • Of the thousand different parts we supplied last year, no parts had a repeat problem
  • We look after stock and logistics for our customers from Kanban, EDI systems through window deliveries to regular schedules and one off orders
  • We have an excellent team of qualified, audited sub suppliers and long standing partnerships with specialised tool makers

5. Trusted

  • “Our expectations of Quality and Delivery have been exceeded. Everyone you meet is on the customers’ side and eager to help. For these reasons, Softshock highly values its working relationship with Harboro Rubber.”

Softshock (Rail Transport)

  • “Thank you for your faultless quality and delivery performance.”

Honda (Automotive)

  •  “I am a relatively small business but I have had tremendous support from Harboro. I have used them for 9 years and would not dream of going anywhere else.”


  •  “We appreciate the support Harboro has continued to provide throughout this project. It continues to be a most refreshing experience working with an organisation with such a “can do” attitude whilst maintaining the highest internal standards.”


  •  “If all our suppliers were the same as Harboro Rubber, our purchasing manager would be out of job. The people are friendly and efficient, the product is outstanding and the service is exemplary – all rare qualities these days and so no wonder they are highly successful.”


  •  “We are completely satisfied with Harboro’s ability to support our very demanding schedules. It is a pleasure when you speak to members of staff at Harboro who are always willing to assist which is what’s needed to help the growth of the automotive industry.”

LANDROVER (Automotive)

 6. Competitive

  • We have a first class UK manufacturing plant with some of the lowest costs in Europe
  • We also have qualified suppliers in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Italy whom we have used for 15 years and meet IATF16949 & ISO9001 standards
  • We know the costs and technical capabilities of low-cost suppliers and analyse every part in open discussion with our customers for their best advantage
  • We work to control and reduce the total acquisition cost for our clients